40+ Lovely Small Living Room Decor Ideas

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In The living room decor ideas can be applied both in small and big rooms. Having a small living room doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate it well. It can be stunning with the correct decoration you apply to it. Do you want to know several kinds of small living room decor ideas? Here they are.

If there is access to have the natural light, you can use it to make your living room bigger. Don’t block the access by using the dark curtains. You can get the airy and open living room by letting it exposed. You can cover your big windows with the flowing light shades.

The shades can be a beautiful decoration of the room. You can use the flower-printed shades to bring the shabby chick vibes in the place. Find the matched color of the shades with the color of the window. They can be perfect if you have correctly matched colors.

Although you have a small living room, you still can design it to be wonderfull using a big statement. You can install the chandelier with a lower height to be one of the small living room ideas. This chandelier can create the room’s point of interest.

The large rug can be placed in the room to make it feel bigger. Use the rug as the carpet of the room. It can serve you the bigger room feeling by combining it with the medium-size sofa. The floor will look more stunning when you use the bold pattern of the rug.

Some interior designers argue that the bold pattern rug on the floor can anchor the space. Moreover, it can offer you a good staple piece to design the room. You can continue to design your room with the corner seating. Choose the traditional sofa to get the mileage to the room.

A personal touch can be added in the room by placing your holiday photos on the wall with the help of rope lines and clotheslines on the wall.

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