65+ Best Living Room Design Ideas

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The Scandinavian living room design ideas can deliver a sense of clean and tidy to your house. The design focuses on the calm and clean atmosphere of the room. There are many Scandinavian living room designs you can try to apply to your room.

When we talk about Scandinavian design, we can’t separate this design from simplicity. Although this living room design offers you a simple look, it doesn’t mean that it is not functional/. The design of Scandinavian is popular about its functional side.

In many styles of this design, the white and grey colors usually dominate the decoration. You can mix and match the decoration by choosing the white and grey furniture if you want to deliver the design in your living room.

The grey and white are considered to serve the airy and light atmosphere to the room. And it is typical to the Scandinavian. If you want to avoid the monotonous in the place, you can add the light blue or darker one like navy blue into it. The application of the colors can be on the chairs or sofa you put in it.

You can use the yellow custard pillowcase to make it more colorful. The layout of the sofa and chairs needs to be thoughtful to make much space for mobility. The living room design of Scandinavian can be combined with the natural brown wooden decoration.

Place the wooden photo frame on the wall to give a personal touch to your room. Or, a big wooden frame of the mirror on the wall is to provide the spacious look of the room.

The white bookshelf with the tiny chic walnut decoration can create a tidiness of the room. You can design the unique bookshelf as the focal point of your living room design. Keep in mind that Scandinavian design is more about functional and straightforward. So, you have to consider the multi-use items placed in the room.

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