40 Simple Urban Farmhouse Master Bathroom Remodel

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It is best to make our bathroom become one of the most comfortable places in our house. However, remodeling a bathroom could take a lot of money from our wallet or credit card. That is why people are still looking for a better alternative about how to remodel your bathroom. People would search for something that isn’t pricey, friendly to the budget, and such like that. What if we live in a farmhouse? What kind of master bathroom remodel should we use? In this article, we will talk about a simple urban master bathroom remodeling solution.

As we can see, the farmhouse is a type of house that using wood as the base layout build material. Moreover, a bathroom is definitely a wet and damp place, which most of the regular wood can’t withstand it. They will feel slippy to our feet, sometimes molds and termites can appear. There are two solutions to handle this issue. The first one is remodeling it into something other than wood, and the second one is by replacing it with a higher quality of wood.

As the first solution, it is best to remodel most of the part of the farmhouse bathroom with plastic covering the wood. Plastic cover is one of the cheapest solutions, and with creativity, the bathroom can look beautiful than before. All you need is to cover the floor and wall. For the color, it is best to use white or gray color for the master bathroom remodel.

A higher quality of wood is the second solution. It will not feel slippy on your feet. However, the cost can be expensive. Not to mention the maintenance of higher quality woods could cost more. But, it is worth to try. There still many ideas about master bathroom remodel ideas, but the most simple one could be considerable.

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