40+ Beatiful Living Room Decor Ideas

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The term is enough to describe the living room decor room filled only by sofas and tables. Instead of being a place that is always sought by every family member, this space will only be a space of formality in the house. To avoid this, you need to think about a family room design that can liven up the atmosphere through elements of decoration in various corners of the family room. Decorating a family room or aesthetic element in the space is needed to create an attractive and comfortable space. Here are 7 elements of decoration that are believed to liven up and make the family room look attractive.

Carpet - In addition to being able to change the face of space instantly, suitable carpet material will support relaxed sitting. The use of carpet as a decoration of the family room can also give a familiar impression on family members. You can choose a contrasting color to steal the attention or vice versa, neutral colors that are easily combined with other decoration elements. Neutral colors on the carpet can also radiate warmth in the living room decor.

Lamp - Not just a lighting tool, lights are also an important element of decoration to boost the aesthetic value of family room designs. The right fluorescent lights can add intimacy while creating a warm atmosphere; which at the same time, has an impact on the comfort and improvement of the mood of its inhabitants.

Curtains - Changing the colors and motifs of curtains is a way to brighten the family room. Adjust the atmosphere you want to wake up. For example, choose bright colors for a cheerful living room atmosphere. Make sure the curtain model chosen does not limit motion and activity in the family room.

Memory objects - Besides being a beautiful ornament, memorabilia or memories can also be interesting chatter among family members. You can display it in a frame or place it on a credential. The object which is a great-grandmother's inheritance, for example, is certainly very interesting for you to display in the living room decor.

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