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You want to always wake up fresh in the morning so you can be excited to get back on the move, right? For that, you need a break that is not only enough, but also quality. Room decor is one of the factors that can affect the quality of your rest time. If the bedroom decor is too lively and ignores functional things, you don't feel comfortable to rest in the room, so your sleep is not sound enough. The two most important things in bedroom decoration are the comfort factor and health factor.

Bedroom decoration is all white - Why does it have to be all white? Because of the white color in the room decor can provide a calming effect and reduce feelings of anxiety. The white color in the sheets, curtains, and furniture effects will be shadier when getting enough light and smooth air circulation from the bedroom window. By applying this all-white bedroom decoration, guaranteed you will quickly fall asleep and sleep soundly.

Refresh with ornamental plants - The clean white impression in the bedroom decor you can refresh by placing ornamental plant pots in the corners of the bedroom. For ornamental plants in healthy bedroom decor, choose indoor plants that are easy to care for and can help clean the air around the room, such as Aloe Vera, Sansevieria, Orchid, and Lily flowers. See Photo The wide mirror gives the illusion of a wider space.

Pay attention to the balance of space - The comfort and health factor of a bedroom's decoration also depends on the balance of the bedroom's space. You can achieve a bedroom decor balance using a wide mirror to give the illusion of a wider space. So that the decor does not make the room stuffy, choose furniture that is low in size. Also, place the bed in the middle position so that it is more easily accessed from each side. A strong and stable bed headboard can also make you feel safer when you sleep. Remember, for comfortable and healthy room decor, it's a good idea for the bed not to come face to face with a window or door so that you aren't directly exposed to the outside air.

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