35 Perfect Design Industrial Style Bachelor Pads

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As we all know that Industrial style will never go out of style. Even more so when today so many young professional prefer to live in a compact area, urban areas, as well as the loft apartment in which has been converted to be a warehouse. Furthermore, this kind of living space is continually increasing in demand. To make this kind of Industrial style bachelor pads have a few general elements which could be useful such as an exposed brick wall, a smart use of industrial pipe, and of course the pendant lighting.

You could make the living room in your bachelor pads have unique vibes with adding the distinctive unique floor lamps as one of the elements that should be on your living room. This kind of design is inspired by the old Hollywood. Furthermore, you could also frame your television with industrial inspired copper pipe shelving.
Even though your bachelor pads are not designed as minimalist, you could create a focal point from an extravagance leather sofa with a wooden trunk coffee table in which are spread apart decently so your eyes could look into all of it without ever getting lost.

For the kitchen as well as the coffee area for your bachelor pads you could emphasize the industrial style that you adopt with the lightnings that are dangling from the ceiling. Not only is it useful for lighting, but it is also useful for adding the aesthetic value for your kitchen space. If your kitchen is near the entry way then you should also add a shelving that are made of industrial pipes to hold a coat or jacket. Don’t forget an exposed brick wall as your kitchen wall, so it will further the industrial vibes to your kitchen. All in all, industrial style bachelor pads are popular and well known for young professionals right now. Therefore, the demand for this kind of living space is continually increasing day by day.

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