35 Beautiful Rustic Home with Retro Geometric Features

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Rustic is one of the decoration styles most often chosen by many people. This is because this rustic style house looks very unique and interesting. Besides, the rustic style will also make your home more natural. Rustic style is not always related to nature alone. However, it turns out that this rustic style house can also be combined with modern styles. One example is with retro geometric features. The following are tips for creating a rustic home with retro geometric features.

Living Room – The first tip that can be done to change the living room with this style is the selection of dark colors. Dark colors like black. This color will make your home look more modern. Then, mix it with natural colors such as the color of the wood. You can get this color from anywhere, from furniture, wall paint, or other room accessories. The next tip is the use of large windows to make the room brighter during the day. For lighting at night, you can use a chandelier that has a very unique shape. To add to the aesthetic value of a rustic home, choose lamps made of wood or have a brown color. One thing that should not be missed is the selection of the right sofa for the living room. Use a sofa that has a very modern model to be very compatible with the rustic home.

Kitchen – The kitchen in the rustic home with retro geometric features usually looks more modern. This can be seen from the kitchen model used. In general, the kitchen set used has a white or silver color. Furthermore, so that the kitchen looks very unique with its rustic style, then you can put the dining table which of course is made of wood and given color like chocolate. To add beauty to the kitchen, you can put ornamental plants/natives and also be more integrated with nature. This plant can be placed on the dining table or kitchen table.

Bedroom – The next room is the bedroom. You can add white or gray colors to the bedroom to make it look modern and elegant. Also, use a wardrobe made of wood. If you don’t want the bedroom to be too empty, then put other accessories like wall displays.

Those are some tips for a rustic home with retro geometric features. A house with this style will make you more comfortable.

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