35 Beautiful Black, White and Patterns Steal the Show In This Scandinavian-Style Apartment

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Scandinavian style apartment is one of the interior designs you can choose when you live in a small apartment, minimalist home, but you want to make your home or apartment has the functional one. This style becomes a popular design because it combines modern style and functional design. Besides, it has simple decorating so everyone can create an amazing style.

When you want to make this style, make sure you know the basis for making it. The first thing relating to this theme or style is you have to choose warm textiles. The most country in the Scandinavian uses warm textiles in their home. You can choose your carpet, wall, or furniture to create warm things. It will make your Scandinavian style apartment looks comfortable and warm especially when you design it in the wintertime.

The next thing you have to do is try to choose simple accents for the decorations. It is because people who live in the Scandinavian love simple things but it has functional. When you want to decorate it, try to make your architecture dimple but have the function. You can choose the interior like geometric simple in your pillow. You can choose a white and black pattern as the basic color in your Scandinavian style apartment.

The next one is you can add some fresh plants with some fresh flowers in your home. Usually, Scandinavian is relating to the fresh flower. You can choose florists or tulips as the basic flower in your home. For the plants, you can put medium-sized plants in your home. Try to put it in your home corner. Besides your home will look more neutral, adding plants will make you comfier.

The last one when you want to make a Scandinavian style apartment is you have to focus on the neutral color. Scandinavian is relating to the warm color, accents and functional thing. However, they also focus on a neutral color. For the neutral, you can choose the basic color like white and black as your home accents.

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