40 Beautiful How To Use Lighting To Make A Space Truly

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Decorating a house is one of the most important things to change a lot of things. The main purpose of decoration is to add beauty to the home. Besides, the decoration can also change your home from a small one to look more spacious. Enough with the decoration alone can make your home special. Usually, the home decor will include things like the color of the walls, furniture, and the layout of the room. However, the decoration can also include used home accessories such as lamps. Not only serves as lighting alone, but these lights can also affect the beauty of a room in the house. The following is how to use lighting to make a space truly.

Bathroom – This room certainly has a very important role in daily life such as to cleanse your body. Lights that are suitable for use in this bathroom are very simple but still soft. This is to make yourself calmer and relieve fatigue and stress experienced in a full day. This bathroom will be one of the rooms that makes you feel comfortable. In the bathroom, you can hang a mirror and place the lights on the top. This is so you can see in the mirror very clearly.

Bedroom – How to use lighting to make a space truly in the bedroom? The answer is very easy. For the bedroom, you can use lights with bright and soft colors. This is to make sleep more soundly. In the room, you can use 2 types of lights, namely at the top of the room and also a table lamp. The top lights certainly function to illuminate the room as a whole. Meanwhile, this table lamp is used when you are studying or working.

Dining Room and Kitchen – In the dining room, you can use a hanging chandelier. This lamp will add to your dining room to be more modern and elegant. The lights used in the dining room are not always installed at the top. But now you can also install it under the kitchen table so you can be more careful when walking.
So, those are the ways how to use lighting to make a space truly.

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