33+ Fabulous Formal Living Room Design Ideas

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Choosing a living room design can be confusing since there are many living room design ideas you can apply to your room. Here, we will offer you insights into the formal living room, which can be your favorite area of the house.

The formal living room usually serves you with the look of the tidiness of the room. To start the design, you can select the well-furnished pieces of furniture and decoration. They can make your room become elegance. You can choose the gold decoration and the plush couches to create a majestic artwork.

An idea of living room design with the formal style is to give a glam touch on a coffee table. You can place some gold pieces and decorations displayed on the coffee table. The size of the coffee table can be adjusted with the size of the living room you have. You can personalize the room with your favorite canvases or flower vases on the table.

The color scheme of the room can be monochrome. The style of monochromatic paint will be a great choice of the formal living room. You may color the wall white and place the black coffee table, which is the shiny one in the room. Then, add the white and black chandelier. Place two of the same couches between the coffee table to create a cohesive look.

Another idea can be from the chair you put in the living room. If you have bigger space of the room, you can use the wingback chairs, which give you the classic formal look. You can place a couple of chairs and a small coffee table in between. The set of chairs and coffee table look perfect.

You can design your formal living room by hanging up the bright painting on the wall to create the artwork on the wall. It will be in contrast with the white-colored wall of the room. Those ideas of living room design can be the alternative ideas to bring out the formal look of the room.

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